Class Beyond the Four Walls

Today I got to show students that history is more than just stories in a text book but something that happened to real people as well as something that still effects us every day. I am from Birmingham, AL and was asked by my friend, Maria Galanis, from Deerfield Public School District 109 to share with students in David Komie’s about Kelly Ingram Park and the civil rights movement.

dog statue

My city’s history isn’t pretty. But walking around this park and seeing people of all races talking and kids playing is a reminder that changes can be made. I’m not naive enough to think that it’s perfect now but seeing Birmingham revive and become so diverse gives me hope that all the hate and conflict around our country will get better. It also reminds me that we need to learn from history and see how leaders have pushed for change effectively.

Video screen

Technology made this happen. That “Global Collaborator” ISTE standard and the “R” in SAMR is something we can do so easily with a little planning. No way students would be able to leave Chicago area just to walk around a park, but I got to take them there. Students no longer should be stuck inside the 4 walls of their classroom but should be given the opportunity to branch out and see the c world. Even if they never leave their desk. We have the tools to take them their, but we have to take the initiative. It is the least we can do.Talking to a computer

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