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Amanda Dykes is an instructional technology coach and former 6th grade technology and science teacher who is an expert in using technology as an integral part of pedagogy to increase learning as well as training and exciting educators into using technology in a way to increase student learning. She demonstrates knowledge and proficiency of web 2.0 tools and their uses in today’s classroom. She also has an extensive understanding of social networking for building a professional learning network which allows her to stay on the leading edge of shifts in education ideas and the leading edge of technology. Amanda has presented on various technology, social networking and STEM topics around the country. In 2012 she was invited by NASA to cover the launch of the Mars Curiosity Rover for social media.

Visit my website to learn more about me and what I do! www.amandacdykes.com 

Please feel free to contact me anytime at amandacdykes@gmail.com or on twitter at @amandacdykes

**Please note that the post on this blog are my thoughts and ideas about education.  They are not reflective of my school nor the district.  Hey sometimes they may be the opposite!**

9 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Would you like to be added to a distribution list for ISTE news releases? If so, please reply to me with your preferred e-mail address.



  2. Hi Amanda,

    I saw a conversation that you were having on twitter with @HooKnowsBhamAL regarding building a site to showcase your four year old artists artwork. Would you mind sharing the platform or site that you used to create it? Also, are the images protected from being copied? My 11 year old son wants to showcase his work. He’s entering the 6th grade at Simmons in a few weeks. I see that you’re a 6th grade teacher. How cool is that? 🙂

    Thanks for any information that you would be willing to provide. Great blog, by the way!



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  6. Hi Amanda,

    I stumbled upon your blog and was pulled in for a good half hour. I loved the sincerity with which you address the issues and ideas you come across in the classroom. I was really moved the It’s Not Preparation For Life blog post. Who knows, if not for your safe place assignment, maybe some of your students would have been at great peril in the tornado outburst…

    I decided to comment here, because I am equally passionate about what I do for our young company in the field of education. At Borne Digital, we develop an adaptive reading platform for middle school children. We believe that books can adapt to the child, so that literacy instructors don’t have to work so hard preparing different lesson plans for their diverse student body, while the students can read at the level they are comfortable with. Here’s a short animated video explaining what we do: http://bit.ly/12WKnXI.

    We are very excited to be building this reading platform, developing engaging, valuable educational texts, and bringing our books to kids across America. At the same time, we want to connect with teachers and see what they think.

    I would be very curious to hear your thoughts. Any questions or comments are highly appreciated.

    I would also love to connect on social media. My details are listed below.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

    Happy teaching,

    Jurga Krastinaityte
    Marketing Associate, Borne Digital
    Books For Digital Natives

    jurga [at] borne-digital [dot] com

  7. Good day Amanda,
    I am a former educator, and author for young adults( 8-12ish). Here in your blog I see you are obviously a lover of everything educational. Well, I wrote a science fiction book titled ‘CIRCUS,’ and it deals with many situations and issues our young readers experience. Just to name a few, it exposes bullying, friendship, family, self esteem, and many other things our young kids experience in their lives. For this reason, is why I am contacting you. If you are interested, I will gladly send you a free copy. Please feel free and peruse my website at your leisure: ltanyaleone.com. You will find my email on my website should you want to contact me. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    Take care,
    L’Tanya Leone

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