Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Just in case someone did not tell you, I want to: Happy Teacher Appreciation Day. If your day was like mine, you probably did not hear one kind word or receive any encouragement during your 8 hour workday. You may like me receive the complete opposite. I am sorry. Please never be discourage. Please know that if you do what you can, you are reaching at least one child, and may be more. When you want to scream or cry but smile instead, that may be the only smile that child received. (Then find a friend and scream and cry with them.)

I know we have a thankless job. I’m not pointing it out to complain. I’m pointing it out to remind you that you are right where you are supposed to be with the children whose lives you are supposed to be part of. Some personalities may clash. Some may be ungrateful for what you do. Keep going. We don’t always want to, I know right now it’s taking all I have to keep going.

I want to say thank you to you. I hope you feel appreciated. If not, know you are not alone. The year is almost over. 12 days. We can make it.