Upside Down Education

Don’t Be a Cheerleader

My 5th grade spring I decided I wanted to try softball. My best friend played, she was a cute little blonde so couldn’t be too hard. Yeah well it was and I sucked. I spent most of the time on bench or right field. When I got to play right field, it was my favorite [...]

Because It Is Life…

My last post “Because It Is Fun…” was a slight rant about how using “fun” as a reason to integrate technology into your classroom is a cop-out.  The past 2 days it has been on my mind how important technology is in our everyday lives, not just the “fun” part. The more we are familiar with it, [...]

Because It Is Fun…

Warning I kinda have a soapbox today. Now you were warned, my soapboxes are ramblely too. I am stepping up there.  This past week I have heard/read so many comments about schools/teachers using technology because it is fun so kids are engaged. Ugh. That is not why we need to be integrating technology into curriculum.  [...]

Your Cake Wrecks Pinterest Me

So last night my back went out again, to avoid more pain I spent most of the day laying down – bored. Luckily I had my phone and the interwebs to keep me occupied. Most of my morning was spent on Pinterest. If you have not discovered Pinterest yet, you need to just check it [...]


Modify. When I read that word I read it like Mia and Tia from Cars. If you don’t know they are the Miata twins with the headlights, ok too many long nights watching Cars with an insomniac son. Anyway, doubt you have noticed, but I haven’t posted here in 2012. Sad. Maybe not to anyone [...]