Celebration and Compassion in Education

So this time last year I was confused. I had been to the Bammy Awards and there was some frustration over part of the award show. There was also frustration over the conversations over social media that happened the dates preceding the awards. I wasn’t on either side of the fence. I could see the arguments for both sides. I understood both. So this year when I was a nominee for Middle School Teacher I wasn’t sure how I felt about going. But I wanted to go see my friends and be part of a night I had enjoyed in the past.

Last night I did not leave the Bammy’s with the feeling of confusion. I left being proud of my colleagues. I left being proud of my profession, even if I am no longer a middle school teacher. The 3 min talks were so inspiring and I’m so proud to be able to call most of them my friends. The obvious compassion they have for children and their students are unbelievable. The winners that I knew are amazing educators, people that I enjoy learning from. How can I not be excited by the fact that they are recognized. I don’t think I’ve ever been embarrassed to say I’m an educator, but I will say that what I heard last night made my heart grow a few sizes pure Grinch style.

I know many will always be against awards, and that is more than OK. But how often do we hear that education and what we are doing every day doesn’t get the respect it deserves? This was a night of respect. This was a night a spotlight was shown on a few great educators. Don’t belittle their excitement for the awards because you don’t agree. Don’t bash the awards and cause more rifts in the education online community. Just let it go. Realize that a few chosen for an award are no different than when a website, podcast,¬† or company chooses one of to spotlight or write for them. This is the same, the Bammy’s are putting the word out there that education isn’t all CCSS and negative news stories, there is more to us. So please celebrate the accomplishments of others. I know that I am. Congrats to my amazing¬† friends and to those making a difference that I didn’t know. Thank you for showing compassion every day.


2 thoughts on “Celebration and Compassion in Education

  1. Great post. I agree with your ideas. Educators need to unite and celebrate the positive collectively as a whole. We need to be on the same page in changing the landscape of negative stories in the press about education.

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