What’s Your Empowering Word?

This week’s Sports Illustrated features the “Sportsman of the Year.” This year the award goes to Drew Brees. I’m the only one in my house not a Saints fan, so I know all there is to know about Drew Brees. So I skipped the fun ‘Leading Off’ and ‘For the Record’ articles & went straight for the Brees story.

The story starts with the writer following Brees to an elementary school to speak to the students. There was one girl during q&a time that asked a question that has stuck with me ever since. She asked, “What’s your empowering word?” First of all I found that to be an awesome question coming from an elementary age child. Second, it got me thinking.

An empowering word? To have an empowering word you have to feel empowered. You have to be empowered.

I started wondering if my students feel empowered in my classroom. I’m leaning more toward no than yes. I don’t like that. I need to change some things for that to happen. I’m not sure what, but something.

What is your empowering word? (I really would like to know) Do your students have an empowering word?

By the way, Drew Brees’ empowering word is faith. Fits him.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Empowering Word?

  1. My empowering word is “Vision”. I feel that a vision provides the rationale and direction for all I do. Without a clear vision, my purpose and my outcomes would have little meaning. By having a vision, I am able to focus purpose, value, and significane to all I do both in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, “Where ther is nor vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18

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