Upside Down Education

Exploding Gummy Bears.

So much in my head right now from Educon this weekend. Only 6 conversations and I’m in overload. I feel like an exploding gummy bear. Did you know that gummy bears can explode? I learned that yesterday. No I did not make one explode. But yesterday I was in last session, I was tired, my [...]


This post was almost finished and then something happened today and I went back and added to it. Original Post: Do you use videos in your classroom?  You should.  I was reminded of this during church service Sunday.  The pastor was not there and the guy filling in was preaching normal sermon.  I was listening [...]

Weeeelllll it’s 2011

So 2011 has been weird. Things are seeming backwards to me here. I mean Auburn won a BCS championship. Even more weird and backwards, I’m on my 4th snow day. In Alabama. A snow day. Last year was the first time I had ever taken one. So 2011 is weird. My whole purpose of this [...]

No Resolutions

So it’s 2011. One day back to school and already wondering if this year could be bad. It’s been “one of those days.” Not a good way to start. So new year usually means resolutions. If you read my last post you know I’m having problems with failure lately. So the idea of setting myself [...]