OMG his PPT is Showing!!

You guys mostly know me and you know I HATE PowerPoint. Everyone that knows me knows that (except my students, would never discourage them not to create something with a program they feel comfortable with). So last night I was floored. The #ISTE10 keynote speaker (can’t remember his name and really do not care to) proudly displayed his PowerPoint for all to see. You don’t show that off in public! Cover it up man!

Speakers need to know their audience. I tell my students that so many times.  When you are presenting, you must know to who you are presenting. Yes, there were people who had no issues with the keynote and this man whipping out his ppt around for all to see, but there were more who did.   Most of the people who knows what’s up in education had to advert their eyes, it was a BIG ppt so you wanted stare, but then you were grossed out by the whole situation.

All laughter aside (yes laughter was what was going on in the bloggers cafe) there was much disappointment in the situation. The speaker did not research his audience and I feel ISTE did not research their speaker. You would think that would be important. Needs to be.

Take this man who exposes his deformed, animated, bullet lace, chart stacked ppt to the world as an example. Some people just do not get it STILL. We have to be louder!!

4 thoughts on “OMG his PPT is Showing!!

  1. Really? I can’t imagine it was quite as bad as all that. What would you have preferred for the message he was delivering? I wasn’t there, so I’m just curious.

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